The NextGen Club is an exclusive, active international network of leaders and pioneers who believe that new ways of governance and management are possible.

From online communities to a catalog of premium contents, including online and in person events, join the community to connect, meet and share with your peers and get inspired by the best experts, sharing their insights plus curated resources to help you grow, and flourish through managerial innovation.


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Succeed in transformation alone, according to your company culture, and facing a large wide of solutions can seem overwhelming.

Join the NextGen Club and enhance your network in order to find your own ways to The Next Generation Enterprise by making the right decisions.


Online events

Get inspired and exchange with international experts thanks to collective and participative conferences, led by leaders of innovative and growing companies sharing their experiences and key to success in the implementation of NextGen methodologies and applications.

Inspiring communities

Online communities to connect and exchange with pioneers and experts from all over the world. From daily curation per community to a rich catalog of premium contents, we aim to inspire and help you move forward at your own pace with the appropriate network

Studies and white papers

From white papers to case studies, we provide premium contents to help you get in touch with international trends of managerial innovation and find reliable advices in line with your issues.

A catalog of contents

Get inspired, learn and progress at your own pace with our regular webinars, daily web reviews, recommended readings and valuable resources such as trend barometers, professional studies and white papers.
in person events

In-person events

To reconnect, think together, in a friendly atmosphere and in the real life! From breakfast to afterworks, we will invite customers and partners to share their innovative initiatives, key of success, doubts, with authenticity and transparency.

Customized support

A dedicated onboarding is proposed in the Club with a personalized support to discover the platform and communities, connections with members on subjects with common interest.

Members access


all time


• Standard Communities
• Some online events
• Our speakers’ content marked “open to all”


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• State of trends, studies, white papers
• Selection of ‘On demand” videos and masterclasses
• 20% off tickets to the Annual Summit
• Personalized support on the platform


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• Exceptional webinars
• Complete and exclusive catalog of premium masterclasses “On demand”
• Face-to-face events
• Direct access to our network of speakers
• Annual Summit ticket included

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